Paper Bag

Digi-palette understands its individual environment responsibility to contribute to keeping it safe for future generations.

We offer large variety of paperbags at reasonable rates and encourage people to replace the environment damaging plastic bags. Paper bags are totally pollution free and do not pollute the environment the way plastic bags do. They are also biodegradable. Even without the use of specialized machines, a person can mold, shape and form a paper package by just using his hand.

We supply all types of paperbags for gifts or packaging bags. We supply high strength paperbags with quality assurance. Our Paper bags are excellent to use because -

- Materials are better

- Designs are more diversified

- Shapes more experimental

- Quality more advanced

- Environment friendly recycling process

Our paper bags are tough and cannot be easily torn. They are also designed so that they can hold four times the content of plastic bags. Paper bags are cheaper as compared to plastic bags and has far more aesthetic value as well.

Today with the help of blooming technology digi-palette can suppy small or bulk order to any calling all over the world.

Our category of bags are:

Printed bags Customised bags Handmade paper bags
Food Parcel Bags News paper bags Ad-stick Paper bags
Wine Bags Brown Craft Paper bags (Recycled or Virgin) White Craft Paper bags (Recycled or Virgin)
and many more....