Gift Boxes

A gift box is the signature and the first and most important impression of the person gifting it as well as an indication for things to come in the invitation. What more a better way to pack it with sweets or chocolates and start the celebration.

We manufacture gift boxes any occasion; may it be a wedding; festival; milestone or just to spread happiness amongst the loved ones.

Be it a simple sweet box or a wedding box or a box for a brand promotion it should show and convey your love and right message. At digi-palette you can select from paper to theme and we design and deliver the complete solutions. Digi-palette offers a huge collection of rustic, country, formal, classic, and vintage look Gift boxes that perfectly complement your art of giving. Every box is elegant and a piece of art. Our customised gift boxes are designed according to the occasion and event to suit the clients need and budget.

Our gift boxes are crafted from the best materials and workmanship with an unfailing eye for the perfect colour combinations. We use various materials like paper, leather, satin, etc. to cater to individual needs.

Our infrastructure caters to boxes made with automated machines for high quantity requirements as well as well crafted hand made boxes for smaller quantity.

Our manufacturing process is conducted in house right from paper cutting to finished product and we have total control over the quality and the time schedule.

Customised Gift boxes can be accompanied with a wedding invitation or also be given to enhance and improve your corporate image. It communicates goodwill and warmth to your friends and/or your clients. Our design team will help you find exactly what you require. If you ever have any queries or concerns about your requirements order, please do get in touch with us.